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At SA-AG we pride ourselves on being well rounded. We are pleased to offer equipment from simple toolbars to complicated multi-application gang units. Whether you are looking for a striptill to get the year started right, a toolbar for your next custom planter, a cultivator to eliminate weeds, or our patented Lay-By Pro, then you can find it here. 

Our toolbars a built for custom planter applications. We accommodate Precision Planting, John Deere, Case IH and many more row units. Our planter toolbars range in size from 15 feet to over 50 feet, meeting customers' row spacing needs of 30, 36, 38, and 40 inches. 


Modeled after our super tough striptill, SA-AG's cultivators provide years of service along with every attachment needed to get the job done.

Lay-By Pro

SA-AG's patented Lay-By Pro is a "must-have" for every farmer that side dresses during the growing season. We successfully incorporate multiple processes into a single pass which in turn saves time and money.


SA-AG has taken the striptill to the next level. We combine the refinement of technology with the ruggedness of steel to provide farmers with the ultimate tillage tool to start the year off right.

Bed Prep

We offer a full line of bed prep tools to catch the eye of any and every farmer. The line-up includes disk bedders, single and double, rigid listers, and our parallel linkage lister which can easily be converted to a cultivator with a few simple attachments.


Every operation 

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