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Striptilling is a rapid growing practice; don't let sticker shock prevent you from trying this proven practice. We offer striptills in 3 different categories to fit any budget. Classic for beginning striptillers. Pro Series for farmers who are looking to further upgrade in the future, and Elite Series for farmers who are ready to add technology to their operation.
Classic Series

SA-Ag's classic series striptill provides an excellent tool at an excellent price. We know that a new implement is costly, and with the growing trend of striptilling, simply trying the practice on your farm is even more costly. By taking this in to consideration, we set out to provide a rugged tool that is free of the additional upgrades.

Elite Series

Our Elite Striptill is the future of striptilling. It is the culmination of the modern striptill. By using our Pro Series platform and adding technology to the mix, we are able to provide an implement that is guaranteed to provide the best possible seed bed and start for your growing season.

Pro Series

Adjustments are made easier than ever by upgrading to our pro series striptill. There is no need for wrenches to get your tool tailored to meet the needs of each field. From the added adjustable coulter to the one handed spring adjustment on the rear basket, setting your machine is quick and easily repeatable.

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